My beloved Square Enix released another game in the ongoing Final Fantasy series earlier this year. Called Theatrhythm, it was released for the Nintendo 3DS and I had all but given up on playing it. I am not shy to admit my infatuation with Final Fantasy, so I was excited when I saw a post on Reddit about a quiet release of the game on iTunes in New Zealand. The next day Theatrhythm was released in the states for iOS… and it was free!


I was ecstatic, but I knew there was a catch. I immediately downloaded the game and after launching it only saw two songs. I hoped that more would be unlockable as I advanced through the game, but such was not the case. This “free” version only comes with two songs and one character from each of the first 13 main titles in the series. I thought the price for the remaining content would be comparable to the release of the game on the Nintendo 3DS from earlier this year ($39.99), but I was mistaken.



After looking through the purchase options I found out that the additional songs, bundles and characters can only be purchased a la carte. The bundle packs include four songs for $2.99 and additional songs can be purchased at a price of $0.99 each. If you would like to play as some of the additional characters they are $1.99 apiece. When you add it all together the total price for all of that content is $143.03. Now that’s an expensive iPhone game!


Theatrhythm on iOS has some content which was not available on the original 3DS release (like music from Final Fantasy Tactics and some extra characters) and I am positive they will be adding more content to the iOS release in the future (like Final Fantasy Versus XIII and Type-0). If Square Enix adds additional downloadable content like I foresee them doing, the price could easily go above $200 for all of the content.


Now I am a huge Final Fantasy fan but that much money for a simple rhythm game is absurd. Maybe allowing fans of individual games a chance to buy content from their favorite in the series will appeal to some, but I think most people will be appalled if they realize how quickly all those titles add up.


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